[BXB Studio Bogusław Barnaś - The Polish Farmhouse - COVER IMG] The Polish Farmhouse / Rafał Barnaś

The Polish Farmhouse

Firm LocationKraków, Poland
CompanyBXB Studio Bogusław Barnaś
Lead ArchitectBogusław Barnaś
Design TeamBogusław Barnaś, Bartosz Styrna, Anna Mędrala, Kamil Makowiec, Mateusz Zima, Magdalena Moska, Valentin Lepley, Aleksander De Mott, Maroš Mitro, Paula Wróblewska, Marzia Tocca

At BXB Studio we design buildings that are modern but at the same time draw on tradition. Such a combination allows us to create unusual forms, and The Farmhouse is a perfect example of it, as it is a transformation of a typical rural homestead into a modern residential manor. In the place of five existing farm buildings due for demolition, we proposed five contemporary Farmhouses. The newly designed forms have a unique shape which results from the reference to the existing farm layout, terrain, view axes, functional needs, division into residential zones and the location of trees.