[Bruno Dias Arquitectura - Casa Âmago - COVER IMG] HUGO SANTOS SILVA

Casa Âmago

Firm LocationAnsião, Portugal
CompanyBruno Dias Arquitectura
Lead ArchitectBruno Dias
Design TeamTânia Matias

A one-story house, with a large central patio that is the motto for the development and organization of all spaces. Âmago means marrow, center, middle, focus and essential point, and this central courtyard functions as the essential point of the house. The large house has an orthogonal layout in its organization, which contrasts with the organic layout of the roof in being traced, with circular patios. The presence of wood in most of the spaces of Casa Âmago, is related to the intention of making this house a unique and intimate space, around the essential point that is the central patio.