Dow Photography, Doha

51 East Shoes and bags

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Retail
Firm LocationLucerne, Switzerland
CompanyDobas AG
Lead ArchitectPatrick Buchecker
Design TeamStefan Baumeler, Gina Furrer
ClientDarwish Holding Doha, Qatar

Exquisite boutique on 1000sqm for accessories in Lagoona Mall Doha, Qatar. For 51East, one of the leading luxury retailers in Qatar, Dobas has developed a boutique that invites to discover. The sales area of 1000m2 was segmented into spatial units and tailored to the category of products. The overall scheme of the interior is kept in subtle beige colors to allow for the colorful products to pop out. In cooperation with the textile designer Claudia Caviezel, a central mural was created, which is reflected in various locations in the boutique as a backlight eye catcher.