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Virgin Vineyard, North facade from Farm Road looking towards lake Massiwippi

Virgin Vineyard House: A Linear House for Intergenerational Living

Firm LocationToronto, Canada
CompanyLAMAS Architecture Ltd
Lead ArchitectJames Macgillivray / Vivian Lee / Andrea Rodriguez
Design TeamThe project was designed in a team at LAMAS, no head designer or project lead. Principals: Weihan Vivian Lee, James Macgillivray. Project Manager: Andrea Rodriguez Fos. Helping team: Cassandra Rota, Phil Carr-Harris, Kara Verbeek

Situated between an old farm road and a hillside vineyard, this long house is attached to a stone wall inspired by the local agricultural landscape. It houses three generations, with spaces to come together as well as functional secluded areas. A simple geometric move, a twist in plan, orients the walls toward the lake, making each room a unique volume, collected under one roof. The long wall unfurls compositional events: aperture, window, chimney, entry, courtyard. Locally sourced materials and craftsmanship highlight the joining of wood and gathered stone with minimal disturbance to the site