[Alain Carle Architecte - MTR - COVER IMG] Photos by Félix Michaud


Firm LocationMontreal, Canada
Project locationMont-Tremblant, Québec, Canada
CompanyAlain Carle Architecte
Lead ArchitectAlain Carle
Design TeamGabriel Ostiguy

MTR’s site presented features as spectacular as they were restrictive. A very large and flat rocky outcrop on the edge of the lake was chosen as “level 0” and allowed the creation of the architectural project’s anchoring identity. The simplicity of the volumes and their repetitive composition reinforce the horizontal appearance of the site from the shore and deliberately place the architecture in the background, giving way to the rocks’ mineral textures. A breakthrough view of almost the entire ground floor on the south side is analogous to the belvedere when strolling outside.