La Hacienda Jardín

Firm LocationMonterrey, Mexico
Project locationTepoztlán, Morelos, México
CompanyPráctica Arquitectura
Lead ArchitectDavid Martínez
Design TeamJosé Flores Buzo, Eduardo Sosa, Andrés Dillon

One hour south of Mexico City, in the town of Tepoztlán, La Hacienda Jardín is arranged on a valley nestled within three rock formations. The project’s program was designed as a weekend residence that will become a retirement home in the future. As a result, the walls are blurred allowing the inhabitants to periodically modify the space. The home’s exterior, a roofed wall opened to the elements, is sober and serene in order to reclaim the essence of the town, framing the landscape and nature; the interior, a garden of endemic vegetation, preserves its magic and mystery for those who enter.