[Fougeron Architecture - Suspension House - COVER IMG] Joe Fletcher Photography

Suspension House

Firm LocationSan Francisco, United States
CompanyFougeron Architecture
Lead ArchitectAnne Fougeron
Design TeamAnne Fougeron, Todd Aranaz, Niraj Kapadia, Santiago Vales, Amy Valero
ClientN/A per client request

Suspended between two beautiful California hills, this remodel spans a creek and boasts a waterfall in the backyard. Because it is no longer legal for a house to be suspended over a creek, we renovated the small home reusing half of its existing structure and staying studiously within its exact outline. An inserted steel frame anchors the home to the hillsides allowing us to remove supporting columns from within the creek bed. The minimal glass volumes steeped in the surrounding beauty feel more expansive than ever and create an experience of being part of nature and humbled by it.