[IDOM - Integral Reform of the Bizkaia Tower - COVER IMG] Façade / Aitor Ortiz

Integral Reform of the Bizkaia Tower

Firm LocationMadrid, Spain
Lead ArchitectGonzalo Carro
Design TeamOther architects: Fernando Garrido, Ignacio Angulo, Cristina Jodar, Patxi Matute
ClientAG TL

The Bizkaia tower is a building whose construction ended in 1969. It has an area of 30,400m2 divided into three basements and 22 floors above ground. An integral reform of the building has been carried out that has allowed commercial use on the first 6 floors, keeping the rest of the spaces for office use, under a Core and Shell design concept. It has been necessary to entirely empty the building until its structure, to undertake a complete reconstruction. The building's façade is protected, so an identical one with the same characteristics as the original has been built.