[Homme Architects - Rural Lounge of Dabie Mountain - COVER IMG] PHOTOGRAPHY: Wu Qingshan

Rural Lounge of Dabie Mountain

Firm LocationChangsha, China
CompanyHomme Architects
Lead ArchitectJunhong Yuan
Design TeamArchitectural design: ZHAO Xiangpu, LIU Qiong, LIU Luming, XU Yifeng, YANG Wen, SU Wang, CHEN Tianyi; Interior design: ZHU Jiajue, YUAN Junhong, ZHAO Xiangpu, etc
ClientGuangshan County Development investment Co. LTD; Xband

Located in Nanwanggang Village, Xinyang City, the site consists of two parts - the former courtyard of township government and its adjacent grain reserve depot, which are out of service for years. The project aimed to activate its values in the new era for village stepping into a modern rural life, while preserving and revealing their original architectural appearances. The planning strategy followed the original texture and preserved the spatial scale. The site was naturally divided into clustered plazas with public/semi-public/private characteristics.