[Gansam Co. Ltd / UN Studio - Hanwha Headquarters - COVER IMG] Hanwha Headquarters main exterior

Hanwha Headquarters

Firm LocationSeoul, Korea, Republic of
CompanyGansam Co. Ltd / UN Studio
Lead ArchitectTaijip Kim / Taesung Kim
Design TeamJinho Kim

Hanwha Headquarters in Janggyo-dong, which was completed in October 1987, has been facing the need of renovation due to the building’s deterioration after its long use as well as the need for safety and functional improvement. Another factor that has triggered the remodeling was the corporation’s internal demand to improve the office environment for the digital age.After design the headquarters was finally reborn as a sustainable, intelligent building. The previous red building has gradually been converted into a building of high-tech image with a symbol of the sustainable energy corporation.