[Common Ground Workshop - Spitalfields House  - COVER IMG] Spitalfields House (London, UK) - Stale Eriksen (Photographer)

Spitalfields House

Firm LocationLondon, United Kingdom
CompanyCommon Ground Workshop
Lead ArchitectJack Pannell
Design TeamMark Sciberras, Juan Guilmar Baldoni
ClientPrivate client

The project had a highly challenging brief that called for the extensive renovation and extension of a mundane two-up-two-down end-of-terrace property, located in Central London, to almost double the usable floor area of the host building. The resulting building simultaneously provides a fully-functioning family home with extensive open plan family space over multiple levels, and a haven for relaxation, calm repose and prayer, all with a highly minimalist aesthetic that would need to remain fully clutter free in use and operation. Phase 1 works were undertaken by 'Studio Idealyc'