[MIX Architecture - Tea House in the Forest - COVER IMG] Tea House in the Forest - the sloping roof / Xiaobin Lv

Tea House in the Forest

Firm LocationShanghai, China
Project locationYanxi Lake, East Lake High-tech Development Zone, Wuhan, China
CompanyMIX Architecture
Lead ArchitectSuning Zhou, Qian Shi, Ziye Wu, Tao Tang,Siyuan Ni
ClientWuhan Urban Construction Group, Wuhan Yanlord Land

Through the tea house integrated with the surrounding environment, MIX Architecture reshapes people's collective memory of traditional architecture as a double-sloping roof house located on a terrace with a house prototype design concept. Located on an extended platform, the house has a large symmetrical double-sloping overhanging and stretching to both sides as if floating in a boat in the forest. The towering cuboid cuts the tea house into two parts, forming relatively independent entrance and main room spaces. The dark facade gives the tea house an inner depth, calmly hidden in the woods.