Mayan Villa

Firm LocationMashhad, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
CompanyAfshin Khosravian & associates
Lead ArchitectAfshin Khosravian
Design TeamLead Architect : Afshin Khosravian Project Manager : Afshin Khosravian Project Designers : Ali Javid, Fahimeh Karimi Interior Designer : Mahsa Sedaghat Graphic Designer : Ali Javid, Fateme Karimi, Somaye Asadi Architectural Supervisor : Vajihe Hosseini Abrishami Structural Designer : Houman Movahed Aval
ClientArchitect's family

Mayan Villa is located on the outer side of Mashhad with a history of 1800 years. A land with area of 265 square meters with a width of 9 meters in a rocky land with a steep slope. Linking with physical and historical background, providing a model compatible with nature and climate of the region, creating quality spaces of cheap type, using sustainable indigenous materials, reducing energy consumption and zeroing it in summer with indigenous approaches and using the handicrafts of the region were our approaches in design.