[Tianyu Zhao - 300 CC Co-living - COVER IMG] General view of the 3D courtyard co-living complex

300 CC Co-living

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Residential Architecture - Multi Unit
University/SchoolUniversity of Pecs
Lead ArchitectTianyu Zhao
Design TeamErzsebet Szerena Zoltan

An innovative apartment design with strong potential and possibilities. Traditional courtyard model of the North China were 3-dimensionalized to form active communities throughout the apartment complex. The design is composed by courtyard-lane based public space network, frame structure for units, shared functional units and diverse interchangeable housing units. Localizing shared living with 3-dimensionalized traditional community prototype ensured the cultural identity and easy perception by the residents. The flexible module system makes it possible to be widely applied in different places.