SALACIA: Preservation of the marine ecosystem.

SALACIA: Preservation of the marine ecosystem.

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Industrial Buildings
Project locationGreat Barrier Reef, Australia
University/SchoolNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Lead ArchitectJun-You Huang
Design TeamTzu-Jung Chin , Myriam Carolina Montes Matamoros

SALACIA is inspired by the structure observed by the glass sponge that accompanies the coral. It aims to rise the rate of coral reef recovery by the bio-net on the sea floor. In response to the high temperatures, a thermoelectric cooling system in the sea will directly cool the seawater. In the long run, the building's micro-algae and shellfish culture can serve as a regional sea carbon capture system to ease the acidification issue. The solid-state wind power system on the mesh curtain wall can produce green energy and lower carbon emissions. To help coastal cities and save marine ecosystems.