PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Mixed Use Architecture
University/SchoolChung Yuan Christian University
Lead ArchitectChien-Hao Chin Yu-Chi Yen
Design TeamLi-Yu Chen Yi-An Hung

Cheng, is a white space. In traditional Sanheyuan, the space that surround in the middle serves as a place for interaction between different age groups call Cheng. By enlarging the scale of the Cheng and using design method of vertically and horizontally, the building is able to jump out of the flat dimension and give Space dimension, reinterpreting the traditional Cheng into modern all-age house. Small Cheng - a small square extending from the balcony of the house; Middle Cheng - a large living room between neighbors and neighbors; Large Cheng – a park that exist in the congregate house.