[Better Building Bureau - Tatopani Hospital - COVER IMG] Tatopani Hospital, Better Building Bureau

Tatopani Hospital

Firm LocationBrooklyn, United States
Project locationTatopani Rural Municipality, Jumla District, Nepal
CompanyBetter Building Bureau
Lead ArchitectAnna Leshnick and Tyler Survant
Design TeamMahendra Raj Khatri & Liza Singh, Arch Aid Planners & Developers (Local Architect) | Aashish Bhandari, Pro Eth Pvt. Ltd. (Structural Engineer) | Narayan Acharya & Arun Rimal, Sustainable Future Nepal (Rammed Earth Consultant)
ClientGovernment of Nepal Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP), Tatopani Rural Municipality

Tatopani Hospital is a new 1,675 square meter public medical facility located in the remote, high-altitude district of Jumla in western Nepal. Earth-sheltered by the site’s topography, with south-facing windows and clerestories to maximize natural light and solar gain, the Hospital is constructed of rammed earth walls from local soil. A solar array offsets the facility’s electricity usage. Tatopani Hospital expands access to affordable healthcare for residents of one of Nepal’s most inaccessible and impoverished regions, and models a net-zero, low-carbon architecture for the Himalayas.