Camp Baird

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design /
Firm LocationSan Francisco, United States
CompanyMalcolm Davis Architecture
Lead ArchitectMalcolm Davis
Design TeamContractor: Fairweather & Associates, Simon Fairweather; Structural: Double D Engineering, Don David; Landscape Architect: Merge Studios, Cary Bush; Joe Fletcher Photography; Pool Contractor: Hawkins Pools, Jeff Jones
ClientJeff Baird

Active, growing children and a central urban house on a steep slope, lead the owners of this compound to think farther afield when thinking about a weekend escape. They found an idyllic site an hour and a half from home to stretch their legs. Re-hiring the architect of their primary home to help them define their project, this project was to be open and mostly about being outdoors - a “camp”. The idea was to enclose the structure as little as possible to maintain the sense of a camp. Twenty minutes from the paved road on 160 acres, the Camp is located on the only generous level spot in a coastal valley dense with oaks and bay trees. The compound is completely off the grid. The concept places two structures, a “Car- Barn”/equipment shed sited at a right angle to the main structure, the “Poolhouse”. The main structure has three principle enclosed multi- function spaces on opposite ends of the central south-facing porch. These spaces can be used for sleeping, gathering, yoga and games. The cooking and dining areas are in the screened portion of the porch. Composed of “off-the-shelf “commercial kitchen equipment, the cooking area is augmented by enclosed storage rooms on the north side of the structure, heavily insulated to stay cool on hot summer days. The pool is solar heated and engages the deck at its east side and partially to the north. The compound is designed with exibility and fun in mind. It is a play space for adults and children alike. The Camp is a lure for the owners and their friends and families to enjoy the best that Northern California climate has to offer.