[Hariri Pontarini Architects - Tom Patterson Theatre - COVER IMG] Tom Patterson Theatre from across the River Credit: Ann Baggley

Tom Patterson Theatre

Firm LocationToronto, Canada
Project locationStratford, Ontario, Canada
CompanyHariri Pontarini Architects
Lead ArchitectSiamak Hariri
Design TeamDoron Meinhard, Lindsay Hochman
ClientStratford Festival

The new Tom Patterson Theatre at Canada’s Stratford Festival advances the art and possibility of performance with a building designed to attract, engage and connect. Its organic, undulating shape blends into the riverside garden landscape, dissolving the line between indoors and out. Light-filled public spaces create set pieces for encounter that complement the auditorium’s intimate enclosure. Finely crafted in sustainable and natural materials, this theatre embodies the spirit of the Festival to celebrate the arts and be a centrepiece for Stratford by promoting connection with community.