Oak Ridge House

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design /
Firm LocationJackson, Ms, United States
CompanyDuvall Decker Architects, P.A.
Design TeamDuvall Decker Architects, P.A. – Interior Designer Blanton Engineering, PC– Mechanical Engineer The PowerSource, PLLC – Electrical Engineer Structural Engineering & Associates, LLC– Structural Engineer Barnard & Sons Construction, LLC – General Contractor
ClientAnne Marie & Roy T. Decker

The 3,750 sf Oak Ridge House in Jackson, MS is a composition of intertwined volumes, shapes and spaces. A large, open living/dining room, and a long private bedroom wing interpenetrate to form the kitchen. The composition is built on an idea of tension with each space suspended between Stokes’ postures of envelopment and exposure. The large open room is pushed toward a condition of exposure with open curtainwall to the east and a large band of shaded windows to the west. This tall volume feels more like an open courtyard than an interior. The north and south walls of the large room are more like building facades than interior partitions. The south wall/facade is a continuation of the exterior wall of the long south building that penetrates into the living/dining room. The north wall/façade screens the loft and lower studio with a pecan-paneled bookcase/stair and a concrete wall/stair to lower studio. This space sits between the street and the rear yard. With the drapery open and the right light, the public view pushes through the house and into the private yard. Other times the space feels like an extension of the private yard. Glass subdivides interior and exterior, acting as both veil and mirror, constantly doubling inside out, outside in. Materials were chosen for character, economy, and durability. The exposed interior structure provides texture, enlivening surfaces and limiting the need for “coverings”. Slate and zinc shingles are layered over a high-performance water/air barrier to shed water. A double-shell roof is finished with a standing seam zinc skin. Local pecan casework and bamboo floors provide warm, natural complements. Brought inside, mottled green and purple slate invites a smooth and rough entanglement. On the exterior, its pattern and broad range of natural color balance the strong building profile.