The Record of Fly Bridge - Gaoqiao Cultural Center

Firm LocationShanghai, China
CompanyDC Alliance
Lead ArchitectYi Dong, Han Wang, Han Jang, ChunWei Zhang
Design TeamZhuoLin Hu, Dian Zhong, SangSang Chen, RuiHua Cai

"Flying across the water on the painted bridge, the fairy pavilion overflows and faces emptiness." The battle of Gaoqiao town, a town named after an ancient bridge, in which the Jin army has ever been defeated, has left a deep impression of “shining spears and armored horses” on Gaoqiao town, and the legend of the “Butterfly Lovers” handed down for thousands of years lends Gaoqiao town a gentle charm. Through the ages, the pace of urban development has been accelerated because of the division of administrative district into Haishu District, Ningbo. Cultural buildings emerging based on local...