Blue Office

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design /
Firm LocationBochum, Germany
CompanySSP Schürmannspannel Ag
Lead ArchitectThomas Schmidt
Design TeamHeiner Blum, Yvonne Impekoven, Christoph Nowakowski, Gregor Polaczek, Andreas Bischoff
ClientObjektentwicklungsgesellschaft EGR/VBW mbh
Project Videohttp://

The Blue Office is an innovative office building on the technologyquarters in Bochum, Germany. The transparent landscape of the work environment provides an informative exchange in handling complex construction projects. The meeting room facilities focus on organised meetings and creative workshops with the clients and the planning partners. Cubicles, shared office floors, communication lounges and refreshment areas results an ideal mix of working environment. Designed for flexible use, six rental units can be either used independently or combined. By open modular office areas users can realize varying requirements with greater efficiency.