Astana City Vision

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design /
Firm LocationRome, Italy
Lead ArchitectGiorgio Pini
ClientAlyansstroy Invest

Astana City Vision [to be smart] is the project for a new facility capable of accommodating up to 30,000 residents, workers and visitors. This project finds its right place in the young and lively capital of Kazakhstan, where urban development is carefully administered especially in anticipation of the upcoming international events in which the city is called to respond such as the EXPO 2017. Conceived and designed with innovative criteria in terms of architecture, engineering, environmental sustainability and technology, this ambitious project has the dual purpose in one hand of tracking the guideline for a more efficient city, and on the other to find a solution to the climatic problem of Astana (which is considered to be the coldest capital in the world with temperatures from -40 in winter to +40 in summer). This project has followed the requirements of the client who has placed at the center of its program three key points : - Astana City Vision as a new intelligent model of urban and social development; - Astana City Vision as an opportunity for industrial development in the high-tech sector; - Astana City Vision as a sustainable city. Astana City Vision leads the way to the idea of Smart city becoming efficient and functional, becoming the concrete response to the unregulated growth of cities dissipating resources and energy. Access to energy sources directly determines concrete scenarios for social , economic and environmental development. Technological research and scientific advances related to the optimization of the various sources of energy, define the functional approaches of societies and lead to an energy-sustainable future.