Stinson Transport Centre

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design /
Firm LocationMontreal, , Canada
Lead ArchitectPierre Larouche, architect, senior partner
Design TeamMichel Lauzon, architect, chief creative officer, senior partner Yanick Casault, associate, project director Jean-François Gagnon, architect, associate, design director Éric Gélinas, technical conceptor Steve Lesieur, technical conceptor Sammy Camacho, technical conceptor Henry Cho, technical conceptor Valentin Guirao, architect Khalil Diop, architect Anne-Marie Brochu, technical conceptor Maryse Ballard, architect Joao De Melo Medeiros, architect Stephen Aird, architect Ramzi Bosha, architect
ClientSociété de transport de Montréal (STM)

With an increased demand for public transit, the Société de transport de Montréal (STM); the public transit authority in Montréal, needed a new transport centre to accommodate its growing fleet. With its 350,000 ft2, the Stinson Transport Centre is home to 300 buses. The principles of sustainable development were integrated at all stages of the project: conception, selection of materials and construction. This resulted in a unique green building which received a LEED-NC Gold certification, a Canadian first for this type of building. This project features a multitude of sustainable design strategies such as: • Internal circulation of buses to reduce to a minimum greenhouse gases and carbon monoxide emissions; • Redesigned parking lot that will help reduce total circulation up to 285 km and 51 kg of CO2 by car, every year; • Optimization of daylight for all interior spaces will help reduce by 75% the use of artificial lighting; • Green roof and light or white colored membranes to avoid heat islands; • Water retention on site (3000 m3 will be kept on site) which helps relieve the sewer system of the city, but also wash the vehicles (75% of the water used will be reclaimed water); • State-of-the-art “regent eco” mechanical system; • Approximately 85% of the heat produced by the vehicles and the maintenance area is reused by the heating and air conditioning systems; • Energy savings totalize at $925,000 per year. Lemay’s distinctive architectural branding approach deployed STM’s strong leadership focused on community involvement, employee quality of life and sustainability into the building. The designers proposed an integrating approach to architecture, site and landscape in order to introduce a new element: a transport centre that will act as a catalyzer for the overall rejuvenation of the sector.