Firm LocationCdmx, Mexico
CompanyMATERIA + Gustavo Carmona
Lead ArchitectGustavo Carmona
Design TeamKarla Uribe, Gustavo Xoxotla, Luis Felipe Márquez, Mathías Henry, Raybel Cueva, Yaatzil Ceballos, Sandra Ciro, Teresa Berumen, Edgar Dzul, Magaly Morales, Miguel Ramírez, María Castelazo.

Quinta Montes Molina in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico was built in 1906 and opened as a museum in 2006. We were asked to design a parking lot at the back of the property. The project is placed behind existing old trees and creates a central courtyard surrounding a public space. The architectural language of the building is formed and expressed by communicating its tectonic integrity The interior program includes a sunken art gallery, a restaurant and bookstore, workshop spaces, offices, catering galley spaces, and an art cinema. The gallery is a transitional space between the gardens and the square