Jg House

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design /
Firm LocationMadrid, Spain
CompanyModulo12 Architects
Lead ArchitectJorge Palomo
ClientGuadalupe Cidón y Jorge Palomo
Project Videohttp://

One family that live in a big city, tired of the traffic, noise, pollution, insecurity, raises the search for a place to spend long periods of time... Given the link of one of the members of the family with Gijón decide to find a plot in their vicinity in which are settled the inconveniences of living in a city. He bought a plot in 2.006. The road of “El Curbiello”, where the house is located, ia a place of transit for ramblers, cycling routes, people on horseback and was furthermore mountain rope, by which had a privileged view of Gijón and the Cantabrian Sea in the background. The owners did not want to cover the views from the road and they thought that this, was a good starting point for the House. They decided to do a “house picture" to all who pass by there and frame them the views. In addition the House should be small and very comfortable. A parallelepiped with sloped roofs, form the main body of housing program. Only two materials form both, the exterior and the interior of the house. Outdoor wood runs along the terraces, climbs up the exterior walls (North and South) and covers the sloped roofs. The side walls are left in white coat. Just as in the free block for installations. Inside a single wood flooring runs throughout the House and plasterboard painted white for the walls and ceilings. Good North-South orientation. Use of a range of biomass for air conditioning in all the rooms of the House. Great insulation (up to 19 cm.) on facade and roof, as well as a ventilated façade of wood, are the basics elements of this bioclimatic House. A refuge where to feel comfortable, escape from the big city, and share life with the neighborhood.