PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design /
Firm LocationStockholm, Sweden
Lead ArchitectTommy Carlsson

House: The entry level begins with a generous recessed entrance situation, a rugged outdoor space with a building's cornerstone of concrete. Inside the upper level opens up through a stairwell that creates an open connection between the two planes. Furthermore, a circular motion via the kitchen through the dining room and that is meant to be used as an office or guest room with a separate entrance. The kitchen has an over sized ventilation hatch acting as a door and shortcut to the garden. A 7.5-meter-high wall leads up to a common room with two openings. An elongated and low, with the panoramic view to the southwest. The other opening to the south. The living room can be divided to create additional room for sleeping when needed. Room’s relationship on the upper floor also has a circular motion against the sleeping quarters. TECHNIQUE: The volume and the cut external geometry of the cube is treated with the same material everywhere, this is to emphasize the volume as a whole. The facade is a sine galvanized corrugated steel mounted on the battens against the exterior of the core system. Bent sheet metal parts of the same quality, geometry allows a simple expression in terms of de-watering, two gutters that run along the eaves slope sling water in the air from the house down the hidden stone coffins. HAPPYCHEAP! The concept is a vision of a better world in the small sense, how we live in the future, what we actually need in a house and how big a house really need to be? There are other benefits than the purely economic. Quality of life and a prosperous society are some. We can build a society together where there is room to grow and change within. For the municipality.