Kempinski Laje de Pedra Hotel Retrofit + Expansion

Firm LocationSão Paulo, Brazil
Lead ArchitectDouglas Tolaine
Design TeamDouglas Tolaine, Fernando Vidal, Giovanni Campari, Claudia Tozello, Fátima Oliveira, Renato Siqueira, Gabriel Freitas, Caio Faggin, Adriano Alves, Fernando Afonso, Marcio Leme, Paula Caçador, Nathalia Gomes, Guilherme Meneses, Felipe Borgerth, Jayne Pacheco, Raquel Valdívia, Carla Chalu e Alex Bennett
ClientLPD Canela / Kempinski Hotels

Situated on a cliff in Canela with a breathtaking view over the Vale do Quilombo Eco Reserve, the hotel has been designed to be the most outstanding luxurious inland resort in Brazil, by carrying the spirit of this well-known hotel icon into the present after an extensive renovation and modernization. A project that honors the local nature, culture and history. The proposal provides a local experience to guests and visitors, modernizing the spaces and respecting the hotel's historic identity, keeping original design main lines.A rescue of a destination with a deep urban and cultural impact.