Green Places Community Clubhouse

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design /
Firm LocationKaohsiung, Taiwan
CompanyChain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute
Lead ArchitectKENG FU LO

A good environment contains a consistent design from the architecture to the interior design. The building is located in Taiwan. It is a living space shared by residents in an independent community. It meets the requirement of dinning, reading, gym, learning, sharing and communication. The design idea is based on the pattern of nature, with landscape pool, outdoor plaza and natural view as hills. The natural are brought into building , and tall trees become wall and decoration of the building. It creates harmonious environment for living and nature. For solving the western-sun-exposure problem in the Taiwan, the solid wall is opposite to building west, reduce the impact of heat radiation on the indoor temperature, while the swimming pool on the 2F faces the biggest trees on the east, soothing the coldness in the winter morning, the sun bring the warmth, and when western exposure comes, architecture will become the shelter for pool. Use the position differences to perform Cordon hydraulic cycle, to create a good water environment; the building's exterior use Nano silane ketone resin coating, it has excellent stain waterproofing properties and Good air permeability; the wall with Aluminum material blocks the direct sunshine, and double layer wall reduces the influence from radiation heat to the building. It decreases the interior temperature effectively and the frequency of using air conditioning; shelter planting and ecological pool circulation system has reached the cooling effect of the built environment. Eco and recyclable building material is selected to reduce replacement rate and decrease the impact to the environment. The renewable power generated from solar power is an important sustainable goal for the building as well. Through symbiotic coexistence with the environment, nature gives us better living in the building. By nature, to influence the physical of the building, it can be practical.