Dos Viviendas En Luque

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design /
Firm LocationJulio Correa, Paraguay
Lead ArchitectAldo Cristaldo Kegler
Design TeamBAUEN
ClientJorge Samaniego
Project Videohttp://

We design in an exposed and desolate plane, no limits shown. For this reason we fold the base plane and we generate the “refuge”. We understand that the main feature of dwellings is care, and the essence of building is letting dwell*. Keeping the space from the popping of any foreign object but for the folding of the base plane, so the dwelling is prepared in is wrinkles, respecting the environment and making that the green constant, allowing the preservation of the inhabitant’s intimacy with its corrugations. Where these folds are broken, openings are generated. And they joined together with bridges wrapped in transparencies at double height, and topped by a fragment of sphere like a roof. Thus, the “Culata Yovai” is ready and disposed in his “tekoha”. *Martin Heidegger (Construir, habitar, pensar)