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Furla Progetto Italia

Firm LocationUdine, Italy
Project locationTavarnelle Val di Pesa, Firenze (Italy)
CompanyGEZA Architettura
Lead ArchitectArch.Stefano Gri & Arch.Piero Zucchi
Design TeamArch. Alessia Dorigo (project leader); Arch. Marjana Dedaj (project leader); Arch. Stefania Anzil; Arch. Elisa Mansutti; Arch. Beatrice Pellos; Arch. Francesco Tessaro; Arch. Giulia Marcon; Arch. Roberto Pasquali; Arch. Clemens Kusch - CFK Architetti (coordination)
ClientFurla - FC Immobiliare spa

Furla Progetto Italia is an industrial architecture and office project integrated into nature, where working environment, sustainability and landscape are harmoniously conceived. The project highlights a paramount theme: the integration of the industrial architecture into the Italian landscape, providing an opportunity to rethink the quality of the workspace.