Imam Reza Religous and Cultural Complex

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design /
Firm Location, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
CompanyKalout Architecture Studio
Lead ArchitectSaeedreza Boreiri
Design Team Samaneh Ghasempoor Bita Shekari Nasim Alavi Atefeh Ahoie Reza Jalali Reza Karimi Ghazal Refaliyan Reza Valajam Navaz Fouladzari Shima Mavedati
ClientMunicipality of Tehran
Project Videohttp://

The location of the Imam Reza religious and cultural complex in the cultural zone of Tehran (the capital of Iran) oriented the project towards creating an urban space for social interaction and participation of different generations and social groups. The main idea of correlation and interrelationship between different social groups and encouraging the presence of the new generation in the complex, is reflected in the final form of the Shabestan which was shaped by the idea of interlocking hands as a symbol of unity and social cohesion. Following this main form, the side wings of the building with the supplementary functions rise from and rest on the ground to create an innovative form visually. The main form of the Shabestan, with the grandeur of a religious space, provides the opportunity of a unique experience to fulfill the immemorial ambition to connect with the Creator and feel the symbolic form of the dome. This immediate and elucidate connection is also formed by a sunken courtyard as one of the characteristics of Persian architecture, which allows the users to get away from the exterior crowd and perceive the building in a tranquil space. Also, the presence of water increases the transparency of the design. This space not only makes the separation from the everyday life possible but also participates in the process of meaning transference.