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Firm LocationLausanne, Switzerland
CompanyKunik de Moriser architectes
Lead ArchitectGuillaume de Morsier / Valentin Kunik
Design TeamAllegra Morpurgo, Lucie Morand, Clémence Beghini, Pascal Ryser, Gaspard Garcier, Nicolas Baechtiger, Lital Balbi, Julie Basso, Kimberley Berney, Nicolas Besson, Farah Fervel, Gabriela Jeanrenaud, Angélique Kuenzle, Marie Menninger, Alicia Musial, Yamina Sam, Diego Sologuren, Wendy Tokuoka
ClientAudemars Piguet

The Manufacture has an industrial vocation and brings together on one same level all the manufacturing and assembly stations. The building houses all the programs necessary for the manufacture of the most complicated timekeeper: research and development, machining, decoration, as¬sembly and administration In the center there is a large meeting space hosting informal exchanges, workshops, co-creation, and the multiplicity of knowledge that encourages interaction and the creation of a strong identity for the watchmakers on the site.