Auckland Art Gallery Toi O Tāmaki

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design /
Firm LocationSydney, Australia
Lead Architectfjmt studio
Design Team FJMT: Richard Francis-Jones, Christine Kwong, Alexander Pienaar, Eric Lee, Martin Hallen, Brooke Matthews, Phillip Pham, Michelle Ho, Jeff Morehen, Richard Desgrand, Matthew Mar, Daniel Schagemann, Katty Huang, Zuzana Piackova, Matthew Todd Archimedia: Lindsay Mackie; Neil Martin; Russell Pinel; David Pugh; Surya Fullerton; Hamish Cameron Yogesh Dahya; James Raimon; Sakouna Traymany; Edwin Chen; Sen How Tan; Jaime Don; Shaun Wong; Damon Aspden Consultants: Project Manager - Coffey Projects Heritage Architect - Salmond Reed Architects Quantity Surveyor - WT Partnership Town Planning - Barker & Associates Structural Engineer - Holmes Consulting Group Acoustics - Marshall Day Acoustics Fire Engineer - Holmes Fire & Safety Services Engineer - Aecom Facade Engineer - Aurecon / Thermosash Commercial Ltd Security - BCC Landscape Consultant - Melean Absolum Ltd Specialist Lighting - Steensen Varming Main Contractor - Hawkins Construction Ltd
ClientAuckland Art Gallery
Project Videohttp://

The Auckland Art Gallery is characterised by a series of fine ‘tree-like’ canopies that define and cover the entry forecourt, atrium and gallery areas. These light, profiled forms are inspired by the adjacent canopy of pohutukawa trees and ‘hover’ over the stone walls and terraces that reinterpret the natural topography of the site. The ceilings of the canopies are assembled from carefully selected Kauri, profiled into precise geometric patterns and supported on slender and tapering shafts. These emblematic forms give the Gallery a unique identity that is inspired by the natural landscape of the site. Between the stepped stone podium and hovering canopies, an openness and transparency is created to allow views through, into and out of the Gallery circulation and display spaces into the green landscape of Albert Park. In this way the Gallery opens to the park and adjoining public spaces in an inviting and engaging gesture of welcome.