ICI Plants & Headquarters

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design /
Firm Locationİstanbul, Turkey
CompanyIglo Architects
Lead ArchitectZafer Karoğlu
Design Team
ClientAPS Ambalaj Paketleme ve Dış Ticaret A.Ş.

ICI is a pioneering and leading company in the international carpet market. They have two product lines; one is the classical carpet collection being produced with traditional production techniques of XVI. Century, the other is the patchwork collection made of old rugs collected from all around Anatolia. ICI wanted a new building to house their production and administration facilities for meeting the evergrowing demand for their patchwork collection in the international market. The brief is designing a prestigious and strikingly aesthetic building where they will host famous designers from all over the world for their future carpet collections. The land is in one of the main industrial zones in İstanbul and adjacent to the main highway. The road facade is covered with wooden sun breakers which provide solar control as well as the aesthetic look . Because of the form of the plot there is an angle on the road side. The building is seperated into two blocks –one for offices, the other for production- with a courtyard which recalls a canyon in the middle. In this manner two more facades taking natural light were created. Offices are placed parallel to the road, having an angle with the rectangular production hall which we placed on the backside. The courtyard in between these two blocks is planned as the entrance hall of the building. This courtyard in the middle is planned as a junction point of all the circulation. The cafes and restaurants on the ground floor have two facades one facing out to the road and the other facing the courtyard which serves as a social space. The biological pool placed in the court at the same level with the offices makes the work environment a relaxing space. The offices are mainly placed on the ground floor.