The Apple Sauna

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design /
Firm LocationBolzano, Italy
Companynoa* - network of architecture
Lead ArchitectLukas Rungger
Design TeamStefan Rier, Christian Rottensteiner
Project Videohttp://

The extension of the hotel and agricultural farm is developed in a strong relation with the surrounding landscape of apple trees. The entire sauna area is dedicated to the repose period and is diving into the nature in the truest sense of its word. The outer structure of the wellness building is totally green and is seen as a hill, which evolves into a mystical and intimate space melting and merging with the interiors. Set in the magnificent 10,000m² grounds, the new Finnish sauna seen from the outside, it appears like a green hill blending in perfect harmony into the outdoor greenery. The sauna purposely is located at the edge of the grounds, so guests can enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and nearby orchards while enjoying their sauna. Its elevated position gives the impression of floating above the apple trees. This is set to be a truly remarkable and new kind of sauna experience for the guests.