OMS Stage

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design /
Firm LocationWinnipeg, Canada
Company5468796 Architecture
Design Team
ClientExchange District BIZ + City of Winnipeg

The Cube is an open-air performance venue situated in Old Market Square, an iconic green space and summer festival hub in Winnipeg’s historic Exchange District. In 2009, 5468796 Architecture won an invited competition with a multi-functional design that throws out the old bandshell concept on the grounds that when a conventional stage is not in use it would look forlorn - especially through the city's long winters.  A concrete cube enclosed by a flexible metal membrane, The Cube functions as a multipurpose environment. The membrane is composed of 20,000 identical hollow aluminum pieces strung together on aircraft cables. The orientation of the pieces alternates, forming a flexible and shimmering curtain - a contemporary take on medieval chain mail, that can stand like a wall, be pulled in to reveal the performance space, or function as a light-refracting surface - allowing it to morph into a projection screen, performance venue, shelter or sculptural object. The curtain's flexibility also allows for acoustical fine tuning.  Internal lighting refracts through the mesh so that the The Cube softly glows on the outside. An internal projector also enables images to be projected on the front curtain. The membrane's diamond extrusions capture and refract light and images to their outer surface, creating a unique pixel matrix for artists to appropriate at will.  Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba Project Area: 784 sqft (28’ x 28’) Project Year: 2013 Budget: $1M Photography Credit: James Brittain Photography + 5468796 Architecture Drawing / Diagram Credit: 5468796 Architecture