PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design /
Firm LocationBerlin, Germany
CompanyGraft Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH
Lead ArchitectLars Krückeberg, Thomas Willemeit, Wolfram Putz

SOLARKIOSK is a highly optimized kiosk with solar panels on top. Once installed, it becomes a compact, affordable, and sturdy shop offering energy, products, tools, and services. It is designed for “off-grid areas” to provide a solution for sustainable energy. The SOLARKIOSK substitutes extremely expensive unclean energy with low-priced and clean solar power and gives access to information for future growth of rural communities. Because the target market is located in remote areas, GRAFT designed a product that could be easily built, assembled yet remain stable in harsh conditions. The SOLARKIOSK is designed as a kit of parts, to be assembled at its target location, particularly in Africa. Before assembly, the kit’s packages are lightweight and thus transportable to remote, off-road areas. While the electrical components will be manufactured centrally to ensure quality and durability, all others can be made of local materials or even recycled goods. The kiosk will be assembled locally as a domestic product. The entire structure is firmly anchored with newly designed pegs. The SOLARKIOSK comes in many configurations, shapes and sizes. GRAFT strongly believes that design is not a First-World-privilege and that beauty is part of a social sustainability, hence we created a very unique prototype for the SOLARKIOSK. Our kiosks do not only offer sustainable energy, but can be used for a variety of services such as business, health, entertainment, jobs, communication, and information. Electricity is the source for these services. We offer a unit that opens up isolated communities with sustainable energy, products, services, and jobs. Everyone in the local community can benefit from the kiosk. So far 107 kiosks have been installed in 10 countries with circa 800.000 people impacted.