[Bushman Dreyfus Architects - Heirloom Farm Studio - COVER IMG] Heirloom Farm Studio lurking in the edge-of-field shadows / Virginia Hamrick Photography

Heirloom Farm Studio

Firm LocationCharlottesville, United States
Project locationNorth Garden, Virginia, USA
CompanyBushman Dreyfus Architects
Lead ArchitectJeff Dreyfus
Design TeamJeff Dreyfus - Partner In Charge; Aga Saulle - Lead Designer
Clientconfidential. Owner’s Design Representative: Ivy Naté

This is an artist's studio, located in a unique sustainable community on a working farm in central Virginia, USA. The 565 SF structure is sited on the high point of the 33-acre lot, tucked between a pasture, an apple orchard, the existing cottage, and a future homesite. The simple, prismatic form of the building distills our minimalist barn inspirations into an essential and timeless vernacular. The sculptural form of the building is emphasized by the use of the same wood cladding on the roof and the walls. As one approaches the studio, the dark geometry resolves into individual slats of wood.