Castle "in Love With The Wind"

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design /
Firm LocationVillage of Ravadinovo, Bulgaria
CompanyRenaissance Ltd.
Lead ArchitectGeorge Tumpalov
Design Team Zlatka Tumpalova - Landscape engineer Yanko Krastev - General manager
ClientPrivate project

The construction of the Castle was inspired from a dream from the childhood - to build own magic Castle, the same as in the fairy tales. That's why nevertheless the style is so close to the similar buildings from the Renaissance and Romantic period the real name of the Castle is Magic Style. The nickname of the Castle is In love with the wind, which comes from the extremely phenomena of the nature - the sun shines only when the wind blows. The Castle is a private project, started in 1996, when the designer draws a big cross in the field near the village of Ravadinovo, Bulgaria. At the moment the main body of the building is a huge cross- shaped building covered with the shining copper leafs. As the main construction material is Marble Limestone, the combination of the sunlight, stone's crystals and copper metal gives the incredible feelings once during the sunrise and once a day during the sunset. The main building of the Castle, the chapel, winery, art gallery and other outlets are made mainly from the natural Marble Limestone. According the test of the stones in Bulgarian Academy of Science the age of the stones is between 47 and 53 million of years. All the rest construction materials are totally natural, as marble and granite. No any artificial materials were used.