Sandcrawler, Singapore

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design /
Firm LocationHong Kong, Hong Kong
Lead ArchitectAndrew Bromberg at Aedas
ClientLucas Real Estate Singapore

Sandcrawler, owned by Lucas Real Estate Singapore, is the regional headquarters for Lucasfilm Singapore. Combining the intended use with a strong civic ambition within the one- north master plan in Singapore, the design for this project not only enjoys this duality but also seeks a solution which celebrates that diversity. The masterplanning guidelines for this project are highly defined, dictating envelope heights and setbacks, roof profile which has to follow a specific sloping topography and the minimum amount of mass on all faces of the enclosure. A ‘horseshoe’ plan was developed to achieve the desired daylighting and meet master plan requirements while achieving a lush tropical garden enclosure. Floor areas were reduced from the bottom up until the correct allowable gross floor area was reached. The results are reaching an 82% efficiency, maintaining the height requirements as well as carving out a double volume space in the center for a state of the art 100-person theater and gallery. The ‘taut’ external metallic facade is a low-iron insulated glass with an inner metallic frit layer, allowing for good solar protection and privacy on the more exposed faces. The courtyard side façade is more contained and private with highly transparent glass and overhanging terraces providing shading to the lower levels. The building is also elevated 13 metres above ground, providing space for a lush, enclosed courtyard for tenants’ and public use and giving this office building a strong civic manner.