Shopping Nord Graz

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design /
Firm LocationAustria , Austria
CompanyBEHF Ebner Hasenauer Ferenczy ZT GmbH
Lead ArchitectArmin Ebner
Design TeamAlexander Körozsi, Project Director Christian Schwarzinger, Senior Planner
ClientKovac Management GmbH
Project Videohttp://

Reconstruction and expansion of the shopping centre North in Graz The largest shopping centre in the north of Graz has been extensively reconstructed: BEHF Corporate Architects expanded the centre consisting of various buildings by adding a big retail park with a size of about 10,000 square metres, and also optimized the whole complex using state-of- the-art technology. As a result, the shopping agglomeration received a significant quality boost. While the originally closed façade of the long main building was replaced by a large glass front, the building’s geometry has been simplified in order to place a stronger emphasis on the entrance area. By harmoniously integrating the already existing, frontally situated parking area, visitors now have short, safe ways to the entrance. Two pavilions (retail and gastronomy) are connected to the main building by one roof to form a unique structure, a canopy, which is almost 10 meters high. This is built on reinforced concrete stilts, that seem randomly arranged to create a playful and light space. This effect is underlined by a glazed, assymetrical and circular roof opening, to allow for plenty of natural light; illuminating the seating areas on the curved and colourful paved promenade. The closed structure of the building has been removed, and new appealing retail and gastronomy areas have been created to ensure a pleasant and relaxing shopping experience.