Puma Energy Paraguay Headquarter in Asunción

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design /
Firm LocationMadrid, Spain
CompanyRuiz Pardo - Nebreda Architecture
Lead ArchitectMarcelo Ruiz Pardo
Design TeamSonia Nebreda Martin, Arturo Alberquilla, Loreto Moreno, Alejandra M. de la Riva
ClientPuma Energy
Project Videohttp://

Puma Energy's headquarter in Paraguay is located on one of the main streets of the city with high traffic intensity. The corporate headquarter is located on a corner plot and thus highly visible and in contact with urban traffic. Taking advantage of this situation, the building rises from the ground on four pillars releasing the ground floor, which allows a direct connection between the city and the building. Working spaces are concentrated in an elevated block, surrounded by greenery and isolated from the bustle of street. The ground floor is conceived as a flexible space covered by the large slab of the upper block. The office block is supported only by four pillars, which not only determines an open ground floor, but also an office space completely diaphanous and without structural obstacles. The horizontal structure is materialized in a two-way post-tensioned slabs, avoiding thick solutions and favouring the necessary compactness due to height limitations set by the local regulations. The slabs are optimized thanks to the inner location of the pillars which compensates the large spans of approximately 15 meters by creating an overhang all around the perimeter as a large threshold for public access. The building is wrapped by a lattice made of vertical aluminium profiles that, in addition to filter the direct sunlight, it configures an abstract urban scale block. Its configuration, based on the addition of vertical profiles arranged on slightly curved facades allows a dynamic and vibrant perception of it from the passing vehicles.