Printemps Department Store

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design /
Firm LocationParis, France
CompanyAntonio Virga Architecte
Design Team- chiara monti, project manager - enrico ceglie, façade design - stefania corrado, graphic designer in coordination with Printemps' architecture, engineering and maintenance direction
Project Videohttp://

This new Printemps department store is the figurehead of the «Polygone Riviera» retail park opened in Cagnes-sur-Mer (06) in October 2015. The work led on the light, graphics and staging is central to the reasoning on this architectural project. Four major themes guided the design of the project. They compose a charter to convey a spirit faithful to the brand, specifically conjugated to its environment: - Subtract, align and repeat Acts of simplification who sign a clean, readable architecture. - Implement an iconic decorative pattern The flower, Printemps’ historic symbol, is reinterpreted to become an identifying and structuring graphic unit. - Anchor the building in its geographical context A specific work on shadows and light - Embody the fashion and luxury worlds Golden color, attention to detail and contrast of materials are staged here to express creativity and boldness The simplification and alignment of the volumetry helps to prioritizes the building reading. The materials, limited to three, reinforce this impression (stone, metal & glass). The wills expressed in the general concept of the project are developed both inside and outside the project, in order to create coherence and landmarks in the different areas, as well as to further affirm the imprint of Printemps. The exterior sobriety, expressed through the simplification of volumes and materials, becomes one of the rules for the creation of interior spaces: simple volumes organized in a grid space, light neutral tones. The pattern imagined from the flower, symbol of Printemps’s heritage, has been specially created for the brand in line with its values and its history: the petals become a simple geometric shape, repeated in order to materialize a weft, an identifying frame. As the Printemps' signature on the project, it coats the facade and is the only decorative element inside the building, where it comes in various sizes and materials. The atrium embodies the transition between the facade and interior.