City Crossing

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design /
Firm LocationShanghai, China
Lead ArchitectKris Lin

We take “floating” as the core of the trinity concept, so the designs of architecture, interiors and landscape are all centered on it. Architecture: By employing light and exquisite steel structure as a supporter, the building is elevated above the ground as if it’s floating. And therefore, our first floating concept is realized. In fact, the building is lifted by 5 meters, which means the ground level of the building will be higher than that of the road and sideway, and this make it very easy for people inside the building to see the beautiful forest park across the road. In the meantime, a transparent overpass will glass walls has been created to connect the road and the building, so people can directly walk from the road into the overpass and then are naturally led to the building’s main entrance. Landscape: Also with the idea of “floating” in mind, a reflecting pool is created under the main building, which successfully delivers a building floating above the water. Moreover, a staircase is build under the main building so that people can follow it to come to the center of the pool. Interiors: Due to the fact that the building is elevated by the steel structure, so the level of interiors is higher than that of the road and so it is also floating above the ground, the water and the road, like a sky terrace. Moreover, some big rectangular glass windows are used so that people inside the building can have a good view of the forest park. Glazing windows are also employed in the model area in order that people can see, through the glasses, the model exhibition area when they are walking in the transparent overpass.