437 Madison

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design /
Firm LocationNew York, United States
CompanyFogarty Finger Architects
Lead ArchitectChris Fogarty
ClientSage Realty
Project Videohttp://

Fogarty Finger was tasked with helping to redesign the lobby and entryway to this 40- story 1968 Emery Roth & Sons office building. Transforming a dark and cramped lobby into a bright and inviting corporate threshold, the architects utilized large slabs of polished marble to clad the walls. The crisp white cladding is reflected in new terrazzo flooring with thin strips of bronze decorative insets. Interior finishes alternate between refined textures and bold accents, from the concrete and granite panels that replaced pre-cast concrete ones, to the elevator's shining bronze landing doors. Horizontal bands of lighting frame the lobby's reception area, interrupting the marble expanse, echoed by a recessed lighting system featuring translucent glass blades projecting downwards. These find their equivalent in the illuminating curved glass canopies that adorn the three entry portals, accentuating the covered arcade. The concrete piers that form this entryway are clad in metal frames with white glass insets that prominently display the building's address.