Anadara, Barangaroo

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design /
Firm LocationSydney, Australia
Lead ArchitectRichard Francis-Jones
Design TeamJodie Matthews James Perry Cassandra Halpin-Smyth Sahar Koohi Lilian Lau Ian Hollen Iain Blampied
ClientLend Lease

Anadara’s unique design represents earth, water and sky, expressed by the earthy terracotta coloured façade to the south which is contrasted by a striking, white curvilinear form to the north, nicknamed ‘The Cloud.’ Our approach was to articulate this long linear building into two primary forms; a carefully scaled rectilinear form that defines the waterfront, and a higher more expressive and organic form to celebrate and define the main public open space. These architectural forms are combined with a linear canopy, gentle terracing and landscape to characterise the public waterfront. The ground level is predominantly retail and lobbies for the apartments. Above this are 7 and 9 levels of apartments orientated north and north-west towards the water. As part of the Barangaroo South Precinct, the most significant site opportunity is the ability to reconnect the harbour to the western edge of the CBD. It’s in the optimum position along the waters edge and benefits from uninterrupted views of the harbour to the west. The public domain adjacent to the waterfront also connects back to Darling Harbour to the south reinforcing the public connectivity and walking trail along the harbour foreshore. With its orientation to the public square, Anadara provides a dynamic public realm and encourages activity from the broader site of Barangaroo through to the CBD. The apartments contribute to the liveliness of the precinct providing an active public and residential community along the harbours edge.