A3 Advanced Architecture Apartments

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design /
Firm LocationVarna, Bulgaria
Lead ArchitectSvetoslav Stanislavov
Project Videohttp://

A3 - Advanced Architecture Apartments is an exciting building, harmoniously incorporated into the context of the environment. Two starting points - the mountain and the city, set overall architectural concept. The plot reserved for A3 is in the border area, where the city and the mountain overflow into one. Lines and clear borders are blurred in smooth and soft forms, allowing everyone to determine exactly where and how to perceive shape and space. Situated in one of the most contemporary areas of the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia, A3 is designed to be relevant, contextual and avant-garde. A very dominant element of the environment is the mountain, peeking in the future building. Combining these two powerful elements we’ve created an exciting, dynamic and modern shape of the building. We divided the building into five volumes, linked in a common ensemble defining its final shape. We outlined each of the volumes with soft and elegant forms and let everyone to associate them with his own imagination. It is easy to associate the elements with five mountain peaks or a silhouette of a family with three children, but the deeper concept is to stimulate you to define yourself as becoming involved with the building. To become the author of a new form, to be inspired. The design of A3 contains strict elegance and soft organic forms. The building is perceived equally well in the overall silhouette and from different angles. The feeling of elegance and sophistication is emphasized by the facade materials-glass and Fiber C. Fiber C, the glass-fiber concrete is in both straight and 3D shape panels. Besides aesthetics and functionality the materials provide durability and easy maintenance of the building.