Oxygen Eco Tower

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design /
Firm LocationMilan, Italy
CompanyProgetto Cmr
Lead ArchitectMassimo Roj
Project Videohttp://

The concept design is developed from the geometric model of a flower that grows upward, with an organic shape. A vertical constellation of villas, a 125.800 sqm residential tower, green and luxurious, developed on 75 floors (total height of 277 meters), designed to fulfill the dreams and meet the needs of people who will live that spaces. The 161 villas, each one with private garden and swimming pool, are organized in 4 different typologies. Oxygen Eco-Tower integrates elegance, well- being and technology in the concept of vertical residence. Four different typologies of villas are repeated in sequence creating an amazing effect. Shops, restaurants, library, kindergarten, vip-lounge, cigar bar, SPA, tennis courts, running track and large swimming pools are part of the services that will provide a high quality of life to the residents. This project becomes a vehicle for the promotion of sustainable design, that transforms Oxygen Eco-Tower into a true green building. The entire roof is set up for auto- generation of electricity through photovoltaic panels; the “heating and cooling” system is provided by a geothermal system, eliminating carbon dioxide emissions; a centralized ventilation system filters the outside air, ensuring the correct temperature in a natural way; and special pools collect the rainwater, preserving the aquifer. The quality of the project is guaranteed by the synergy and collaboration between Italian leading companies, recognized worldwide for the high added value of their products. The project Oxygen Eco-Tower is designed by: Progetto CMR (Idea & Concept Design) in collaboration with Tecnimont Civil Construction (Engineering & Project Management), Permasteelisa Group (Project Management), Cimolai (Construction Company) and Peia Associati (support Interior Design Concept). Together with: Aermec, Artemide, Bisazza, Ceramica Sant’Agostino, Composit, Fiamm, Fiandre, Giacomini, iGuzzini, Italcementi, Jacuzzi, Listone Giordano, Lualdi, Margraf, Natuzzi, Nidec, Oikos, Olivari, Poltrona Frau, Starpool, Technogym, Vannucci Piante, Vimar, Zucchetti.