Rowzan Residence

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design /
Firm LocationTehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
CompanyRyra Studio
Design Team Navid Nasrollahzadeh, Yaser Karimian ,Hamidreza Gozarian

Rowzan residence is a private residential building in 7 story consists of a private triplex upon two individual flats .The site is about 1050 sqm located in Zaferanieh neighborhood, in northern part of Tehran on a steep slope which varies up to 16 meters from south to north ensures scenic overlooks toward the city skyline in south. So it was a main purpose in design process to take advantage of this spectacular view ,but in the north side, there is a camp with student rush, so it was preferred to have minimum openings. Here architects designed a perforated concrete shell safeguarding the inhabitant's privacy from the overlooking neighbors .This screen behaves differently in different sides. In north ,it acts as a second skin protects the transparent mass which set inside and let it have large windows and maximum light from void. while in east it becomes the only skin of envelope ,channel limited light and sight in and in the south side it has been cut off to let us have maximum openness. The main areas of triplex, such as living room, pantry and terrace are situated on the first floor with floor-to-ceiling windows which provide the best experience with terrace, wherein greenery has been incorporated to serve as a second yard which has been bordered by tall green plants to have more privacy. Second floor has been devoted to three master bedrooms and the third one to the kitchen and a more private living room which family members spent most of their time there and can enjoy best city view. The interior has been designed in minimal style, only in triplex spiral stairs have been characterized by their sculptural quality which provide an eye- catching feature inside this minimal white dwelling and in every space, their mass and movement play in the sunlight.